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My vision for the UG Collective is to INSPIRE positive actions, CONNECT creatives with communities and PROMOTE self development. The projects I create under the umbrella of the UGC have and continue to dynamically impact the lives of those involved. Please join me on this mission to make the world a better place.
~Pablo Falbru - Founder
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Opuscule I

by The Falbru Experiment

The Falbru Experiment is a music project that donates a portion of its royalties to support community arts initiatives and nonprofits.


The Falbru Experiment is the flagship project of the UG Collective. This is my outlet as a musician to create and collaborate with fans and world class performers to make a difference in my community. By donating a portion of my royalties and Patreon subscriptions to art initiatives and nonprofits, my vision is to inspire the world one song at a time.

If this sounds like something you're into, become a patron and subscribe to my page today. You can join for $1+/mo to unlock songs, videos and more. Plus you can feel good knowing that in 2018 your subscription is helping raise funds for a College Scholarship awarded to Geneva High School students. So check out my page and pick the level that works best for you, thanks!  


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